• cashisking_700

    Is cash still king?

    With the proliferation of cashless payments around the world, some economies are still favouring cash over other payment methods
    by Jill Insley and Bethan Rees
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  • offshore_700

    Ask the experts: Dissecting offshore funds

    Making sense of offshore funds with Sam Instone, founder and chief executive of global financial services firm AES International
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  • Africa-banking_700

    Keeping the mobile revolution turning

    Africa is widely recognised for its leading position in mobile banking. What can other countries learn from this?
    by Dominic Dudley
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  • Fittest_700

    To merge or not to merge?

    Fintechs are generating a great deal of interest. Will banks be taking a piece of the pie?
    by Neil Jensen
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  • Clarity_700

    Reaction to FCA’s all-in fee proposal

    With its proposals for clear and comparable all-in fee disclosures, the long wait for the FCA’s spotlight to penetrate the opaque world of asset managers’ and financial planners’ fees may be coming to an end. Five financial services sector insiders share their thoughts on this
    by Richard Willsher
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  • Young_Entrepreneurs_group_700

    The disruptors

    From transferring money to raising capital, fintech is changing the way products and services are delivered across the finance sector. The Review spoke to some of the fintech entrepreneurs who are shaking things up
    by Dan Matthews
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  • angela-knight_700

    Profile: Banking on the brink

    From John Major’s Government to the heart of the financial crisis, Angela Knight CBE FCSI(Hon) has been at the frontline of change for more than two decades
    by Jake Matthews
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  • ai_700

    How asset managers, hedge funds and financial advisers are using AI investing

    Using artificial intelligence (AI) for investment decisions is no longer the exclusive domain of ‘quant’ funds. Here's how asset managers, financial advisers and hedge funds are adopting the technology
    by Paul Bryant
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  • fintech-uae_1920

    Everything you need to know about Abu Dhabi’s RegLab

    A second batch of fintech companies is preparing to enter Abu Dhabi’s RegLab. How do such regulatory sandboxes help to foster innovation?
    by Dominic Dudley
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  • xxxx_700

    Ask the experts: Demystifying the ‘shoring’ process

    In an increasingly globalised world, the operations of financial services firms is no longer confined to one nation. Companies need to expand, near and far. Karena Vaughan, founder and managing director of Catalina Consulting, explains this process
    by Jake Matthews
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  • personal-data_700

    Your health is your wealth

    Some financial planning firms are using fitness data to complement their client service, but it is yet to be fully harnessed by the sector
    by Jake Matthews
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  • 2018_700

    The year ahead: seven things to watch out for

    From MiFID II to midterms, here’s what to keep an eye on in 2018
    by Jake Matthews
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  • fine-money_700

    Finding the fine money

    Billions of pounds in fines have been imposed on banks for financial misconduct in the UK, but has that money gone back into people’s pockets? 
    by Phil Thornton
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  • cisi-budget_700

    Breaking down the Budget

    Seven announcements from the Budget that will affect financial planners
    by Tony Wickenden, joint managing director, Technical Connection
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  • stella_700

    Leading the charge

    Stella Cox CBE has dedicated herself to the development of Islamic finance for more than three decades. Her contribution has earned her many accolades, but her entry into the sector wasn’t easy. This is a shortened version of our interview with Stella in the Q4 2017 edition of The Review
    by Eila Madden
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  • Image-23-01-2017-at-18.27_700x385

    Back Story: Zoë Cousens

    Zoë Cousens MCSI, owner of Castellet Consulting, a member of the CISI’s UAE National Advisory Board and Guernsey Finance’s Middle East representative, discusses raising awareness of gender-related issues, the value of her CISI membership and her love of working in the UAE
    by Jake Matthews
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