CPD Opportunities with the CISI

The CISI offers a range of opportunities for financial services professionals. Whether you are a manager, looking for opportunities to develop your staff, or you are a professional, aiming to develop your competence and stand out from your peers, the CISI can help you.

CPD for your staff

Through the CISI's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, you can ensure your staff are provided with a host of opportunities to develop their knowledge and expertise. The development provided through the CISI's CPD scheme also shows the regulator the efforts your firm is making to ensure your staff remain competent and compliant.

CPD opportunities


To access the full range of CPD opportunities, your staff can become members of the CISI. This ensures that they have access to all our online resources, including Professional Refresher, CISI TV, and our digital publications, as well as hundreds of free-to-member CPD events.

The CPD undertaken through the CISI – online or at events – will all automatically be added to each staff member's personal CPD record, meaning they have evidence of the efforts that they are making. This record can also be topped up manually, where staff can add any other CPD they undertake.

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Professional Refresher

Your staff can update themselves on specific topics through Professional Refresher, an online learning solution. There are currently over 100 modules.

The modules cover topics ranging from major pieces of regulation, such as GDPR and MIFID II, to more general topics such as financial crime and integrity and ethics, and they give your staff the opportunity to update themselves on subjects relevant to them and to your firm.

Professional Refresher modules are available to be purchased individually or as part of a tailored package. Contact us to discuss a suitable option for your staff.

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For a combination of networking and CPD opportunities, the CISI organises several industry conferences annually. The Annual Conference covers general financial services issues, whilst other conferences, such the Training & Competence Conference or the Financial Regulation Summit, are tailored to specific industry areas.

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Managing CPD

To make managing and overseeing your staff's development programme as easy as possible, the CISI has a Superuser function, where you can monitor the CPD activities of your staff. It enables you to view the CPD records of all your employees who have an active record and have allowed Superuser access.

Benefits of Superuser include:

  • Reports can also be used to monitor the CPD activities undertaken by individuals.
  • You can monitor completion of specific Professional Refresher modules.
  • You can create bespoke CPD activities and apply it to one, or all, of your staff's CPD records.
  • Details can be imported or exported via Excel files.
  • Emails can be sent to selected staff registered on the scheme.

Accreditation for Firms CPD Scheme

The CISI CPD record is all that a firm seeking to implement a continuing professional development policy needs. Users of the CISI CPD record need to demonstrate compliance against the CPD requirements, and employees compliance to these requirements can be monitored by the firm using the CISI's Superuser function.

Firms which already have established CPD schemes, such as regulated financial services firms  that are CISI Corporate Supporters, are able to seek CISI accreditation of their own scheme, for direct use with their employees. In obtaining accreditation, a firm is able to state that its personal CPD scheme meets the CISI's rigorous CPD standards. For further information contact cpdscheme@cisi.org

For more information on becoming a Corporate Supporter please contact crm@cisi.org

CPD Access Vouchers

Firms that are CISI Corporate Supporters can order CPD Access Vouchers for any employees that are not CISI members. The voucher gives full access to the CISI CPD record for a period of twelve months. The voucher does not entitle the individual to access online benefits available to CISI members.

The annual fee for the CPD Access Voucher is £150 per individual. For further information contact cpdscheme@cisi.org


CPD for you

CISI members can access a wealth of CPD opportunities; in person, online or through our industry publications. All CPD undertaken is added to a CPD record, which means that CISI members have formal evidence of the efforts that they are making to develop and maintain their knowledge.

Online CPD

Members can access an array of resources online through their personal portal – MyCISI. Here you can read the digital version of The Review, view videos of seminars on CISI TV, and update your knowledge by completing Professional Refreshers modules.


The CISI publishes the esteemed industry publications, the Review & Investment Management Review. The Review contains articles, insights and opinions on overall financial services issues, whereas the Investment Management Review assesses specific trends in Investment.

CPD Events

The CISI hosts over 450 free-to-members CPD events per year – across 24 UK regions and 9 countries. These events range from lunchtime briefings, to discursive forums, to half-day mini-conferences. They offer you the opportunity to widen your perspective, by meeting with practitioners from other firms and by hearing from industry experts.

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