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To highlight the importance of acting with integrity at all times, the CISI holds a membership requirement for all members to take and pass an online ethics test. Should you not yet have completed an integrity test, you can find out what you are required to do by reviewing the following sections.

Integrity requirements

New members
Complete IntegrityMatters
Before or within 3 months of joining

New members

Prior to joining the Institute, or within the first three months of association with the CISI, all new members (MCSI, ACSI and Affiliates) are required to pass IntegrityMatters. IntegrityMatters is not an examination but a test taken as part of an elearning tool.


To fully unlock all of your membership benefits you must first complete our mandatory integrity test. Simply follow the instructions once you log in to MyCISI. You must complete this test within three months of joining or your membership will be suspended. To take the test simply log in to your personal portal MyCISI.

Membership Rules & Regulations Purchase IntegrityMatters Complete IntegrityMatters

Chartered members

Chartered membership demonstrates personal commitment to continuing learning and high standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.

Chartered members are already required to undertake an integrity test to gain their chartered status. Therefore any chartered members have already passed the integrity requirements.


Student members, retired members, and existing members aged over 70 are not required to take integrity tests as part of their membership.

However as members of the CISI, we still expect these members to support the highest standards of behaviour and practice. This includes commitment to our Code of Conduct, the Lord George Principles, which we share with the Worshipful Company of International Bankers.


If you have any questions about these requirements please contact our Customer Support team:

+44 20 7645 0777