CISI Committees

Membership Committee

The CISI's Membership Committee is made up of senior figures in the financial services sector who meet regularly to support the development of the Institute's membership policies.

Key priorities:

  • To act as a 'brainstorming' group to assist in the formulation of future strategy and development
  • To help research the needs of members to ensure that the Institute provides them with 'value for money' services and benefits
  • To help formulate strategies that will recruit new members.

The Membership Committee also ratifies all applications for Members (MCSI by Experience), assesses those that are judged as borderline in terms of eligibility and assists in the assessment of the CPD records of CISI members randomly selected for auditing under the CISI CPD Scheme.

Committee members:

David Cooper, Chartered FCSI Cenkos Securities
Richard Crews, Chartered MCSI
Paul Hedges, Chartered FCSI HSBC
Phil Langton MCSI NetOTC
Peter Moores, Chartered FCSI Raymond James Investment Services Ltd
Frank Moxon CF, Chartered FCSI Hoyt Moxon Ltd
Julian Sampson, Chartered FCSI
Fulcrum Compliance Ltd
Nicholas Swales, Chartered FCSI
Rathbone Investment Management Limited
Rebecca Taylor CFPTM Chartered FCSI Aurea Financial Planning Limited
Judith Ullock, Chartered MCSI Redmayne Bentley LLP
Martin Watkins, Chartered FCSI Ernst & Young LLP
Tina Wishart, Chartered FCSI Psigma Investment Management Ltd

Integrity & Ethics Committee

One of the Institute's foremost objectives is to promote the highest standards of trust, integrity and practical professional ethics amongst its members and throughout the securities and investment sectors.

The Committee directs and leads work in this area, and as part of this, it is responsible for the Institute's Code of Conduct.

Committee members:

Richard Charnock, Chartered FCSI (Chairman) Standard Life Wealth
Rebecca Aston (Secretary) Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
Charlotte Black MCSI  
Ben Blackett-Ord Bovill
Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
Tracey Davidson, Chartered MCSI Heartwood Wealth Management
Philippa Foster Back CBE Institute of Business Ethics
Martin Hall MVO, MBE Worshipful Company of International Bankers
Charles Hoare Nairne, Chartered FCSI Messrs. C. Hoare & Co.
Professor Paul Palmer
Cass Business School
Joanna Place Bank of England
Alan Ramsay FCSI(Hon) IPSX
Tracey Reddings ACSI Julius Baer
Ann Roughead Threadneedle Investments
Ian Stevenson, Chartered MCSI
Nuala Walsh Aberdeen Standard

International Committee

The International Committee meets quarterly to provide guidance and support in order to direct the Institute's international strategy and operations.

Commitee members are all experienced practitioners with strong international experience:

Richard Wastcoat (Chairman) Non Executive at First State Investments and Duncan Lawrie Private Bank
Neil Atkinson Managing Director, BNY Mellon
John Bourbon, MSc FCIB FCoI Chartered FCSI Consultant - Compliance and Regulation
Sharon Constancon CEO of Genius Methods and of Valufin and Chairman of the SA Chamber of Commerce UK
Danny Corrigan FSNForum, Executive Committee Member and TheCityUK, Eurasia Group, Chair
David Kane Non-Executive Director, CISI and Bournemouth University; former Managing Director, J.P. Morgan
Fiona King EMEA Client Asset Oversight Officer, Citigroup
Graham Ward, CBE, MA, FCA Director, Civil Aviation Authority
Alan Yarrow, Chartered FCSI(Hon) Chairman, CISI

Publication Panels

Securities & Investment Review panel members

Robert Merrifield, Chartered FCSI(Chairman)
Joseph Chapman MCSI Jupiter Asset Management
Suren Chellappah FCSI Sanford C. Bernstein
Moorad Choudhry FCSI Brunel University
Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
Paul Dawson, Chartered FCSI Fidelity Worldwide Investment
Scott Dobbie FCSI(Hon) Deutsche Bank
Peter Land, Chartered FCSI Brewin Dolphin
Amy Lazenby, Chartered FCSI Close Brothers
George Littlejohn MCSI Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
Gregor Logan MCSI
Paul Loughlin, Chartered MCSI Rathbone Investment Management
Claire Perryman MCSI BlackRock
Frank Reardon, Chartered FCSI JM Finn & Co
Patricia Robertson, Chartered FCSI Westport Global
Jeremy Robinson, Chartered FCSI Charles Stanley
Arjuna Sittampalam, Chartered MCSI Sage & Hermes
Nigel Sydenham, Chartered FCSI CCL Academy
Sir Alan Yarrow, Chartered FCSI(Hon)
Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment

CISI Regulation Panel

Nicholas Andrews
Christopher Bond, Chartered MCSI
Stephen Coles MCSI
Mark de Ste Croix MCSI
Gerard Dique MCSI
Ashley Long FCSI
Julian Sampson, Chartered FCSI
Ffion Thomas, Chartered MCSI

Examination Board

The CISI's Examination Board meets twice a year and its function is to advise on the direction of the Institute's qualifications strategy. Whilst the spring meeting focuses predominantly on strategy, the autumn meeting provides an opportunity to review qualification performance formally.

The Board's role is an integral part of the CISI's continued drive to maintain the relevance of its qualifications and embed transparency in its quality assurance processes.

Board members:

Clive Shelton, Chartered FCSI International Financial Data Services Limited
Gavin Aspden Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales
John Barrass Wealth Management Association
Adrian Bell Henley Business School
John Board Henley Business School
Andrew Carter, Chartered MCSI Towry Limited
Catherine Edwards Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
Neal Franklin, Chartered FCSI BNP Paribas
Lynne Hill, Chartered MCSI Lynne Hill Consulting
Sandra Jacobs Royal Bank of Scotland
Marcus Johnson, Chartered FCSI NW Brown
David Kanolik MCSI Investment Management Association
Peter Lee Morgan Stanley
William Macdonald, Chartered MCSI Craigcrook Management Services
Victoria Nye Investment Management Association
Denis O'Connor FCSI Association for Financial Markets in Europe
Shaun Robertson Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales
Kevin Rothwell, Chartered FCSI Kevin Rothwell Consultancy & Training Limited
Sally Scutt British Bankers Association
Nick Seaward, Chartered FCSI Supervision Services Partnership
Nick Swales, Chartered FCSI Rathbone Investment Management Limited
Graham Withers, Chartered FCSI Rathbone Investment Management Limited