Why CISI qualifications?

We offer a range of qualifications which are designed for you to learn and enter the financial services sector. Our well received study pathways in Operations, Wealth Management, Compliance/Risk, Capital Markets/Corporate Finance, Financial Planning and Islamic Finance, will provide you the specialist understanding needed to start out and progress in your chosen discipline.

The knowledge you gain can be immediately transferred to business activities and client-facing advisory functions, helping you to stand out among your peers. The CISI exams are taken in over 80 countries and offer flexibility to suit your job requirements. Our qualifications are designed, developed and reviewed regularly by senior practitioners to ensure they are purpose built for the market and remain relevant. Major banks and financial organisations worldwide use our qualifications to benchmark the knowledge of their staff.

Written by practitioners
Africa focused study material
Globally portable
Remote learning

Recognition and employability
Vocational - work based, not academic
Instant results with computer based testing
Specialist knowledge

Get Into Finance

View or download our latest ‘Get into Finance brochure’ which will give you an introduction to the world of finance, help you decide whether it might be an interesting career option for you, and explain the varied routes you can take to enter the profession.

Choose your career pathway

The Introduction to Securities & Investment (International) is the first step in the CISI’s qualification pathways for Capital Markets, Operations, Compliance/Risk and Wealth Management. Choose your career pathway within your chosen sector.

Sample our workbook for Introduction to Securities & Investment (International)

We take great pride in the knowledge and skills we build internationally and the qualifications that we offer. For the Introduction to Securities & Investment (International), we are happy for you to browse the study materials for this module before you commit to registering for your exam. All we ask is for you to give us a few details before you download the workbook so we can keep you informed about the pathways open to you.

The CISI near you

With active programmes in 12 African countries and formal recognition in seven countries on the continent the CISI has a strong footprint in Africa. We have partnered with the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) where our Capital Markets Programme is the certification of choice and we are committed to working together to promote professionalism and develop talent to support capital market growth.

The CISI’s Certificate in Capital Markets is the most widely recognised and leading international qualification for professionals working in capital markets in Africa. The global portability was one for the key reasons for the African Securities Exchange Association (ASEA) adopting the CISI as a partner in 2016.

CISI’s qualification pathways are designed to support professionals through their careers in capital markets, but also wealth management, operations, compliance, risk and more.

We encourage all candidates to start with our International Introduction to Securities & Investment qualification which offers a broad introduction to the financial services sector, this exam has an African specific workbook and is the building block for all exam pathways.

For more information on what pathways are available after the International Introduction exam please see our Why Study With Us pages.

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Local training partners

The CISI does not offer training for candidates preparing to sit CISI exams. Instead the Institute accredits external partners to do so. If you wish to participate in a training to prepare for CISI exams, please contact one of the following accredited training partners:

Find a local training partner

Are you looking for inhouse training? If you are looking for training in this or any other area and cannot find what you need please contact your CISI representative who may be able to help.

Are you looking to become an accredited training partner? We are keen to hear from you.

To become accredited with CISI, you
  • Need to demonstrate training capacity and have a proven training history
  • Trainers must have completed the relevant CISI exams.
For more information and the application form please contact:

Helena Green
+44 20 7645 0687