Test centres

The CISI partners with many test centres throughout the world. These test centres may change at any time so please ensure you attend the correct venue. Candidates who have not received written or verbal confirmation of their exam entry before the exam should contact us. All details for Narrative Exams in non-UK venues will be confirmed directly with the candidate by the venue or by the CISI. If, for any reason, you have not had the venue details confirmed with you two weeks before your exam date, please contact us.

Please ensure you take confirmation of your exam booking and a valid identification with you to your exam. Details of the exam centre you have booked are on your confirmation details.

Exams at Regus London: Due to unforeseen circumstances, examinations from 14th October onwards at Regus London will now be at: Regus London (Fleet Street), 107 Fleet Street, London, EC4A 2AB
Examinations at Prometric London remain unchanged. If you have any queries regarding this venue change, please contact our Customer Support team (Email: CustomerSupport@cisi.org or telephone: +44 20 7645 0777).