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As the latest digital advancements including cryptocurrency, cyber security, the metaverse and more continue to materialise, we have a range of resources that are updated and added to. This is so that our members are able to keep up to date with the latest insight and expert knowledge.

Virtual assets & cyber learning resources

We offer all our members access to a multitude of learning resources to ensure they can demonstrate the latest knowledge and understanding of the key elements of digital finance.

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Corporate Cyber Security Professional Assessment

It is estimated that a business is successfully hacked every 19 seconds and some risk analysts estimate that $2.9m is lost to cybercrime every minute globally. Understanding the risks and protecting your organisation from these threats is now essential for financial services professionals. Our short online course, Corporate Cyber Security, can support your knowledge in this area and are completely flexible.

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How can you access all of the above?

Become a CISI member to gain access to all of these resources and more, joining a community of over 47,000 members. CISI membership is a compelling marker of professionalism in financial services and highlights to colleagues, clients and the wider sector your commitment to professionalism. Through the various grades of membership you can gain designatory letters, which, added to your CV, business cards or LinkedIn profile, indicate your knowledge and experience within financial services.

You can also strive to become personally Chartered and achieve the pinnacle of professionalism. Chartered members of a Chartered body are highly regarded and qualified professionals, and are considered experts in their fields.

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