Insights Review by ICG: October 2020

The October 2020 special edition of co-branded publication The Insights Review, produced by Internal Consulting Group, is out now

The October 2020 edition of The Insights Review, produced by the Internal Consulting group (ICG), is out now. ICG is a global network of consultants, with the goal of aiding professionals in their career effectiveness and development.

The Insights Review
 is a collection of abstract reviews of relevant ‘open published’ perspectives and research reports. The abstracts allow you to scan quickly for the most relevant content, and include links to the full articles. 
Articles of the MonthThe reviewers selected two articles for October: 'Sustainability is the next digital' – Bain, and 'Care to do better' – Accenture

From the abstract: Sustainability is the next digital

A must-read insight that signals the scale of impact that the move to sustainability will have for organisations around the world. The insight takes a top-down look, highlighting the relatively poor performance of sustainability change programs compared to other efforts, and provides thoughts on strategic and implementation choices. With some compelling up-to-the-minute examples, this insight is a must-read for all internal consultants and their clients.

From the abstract: Care to do better
The authors have introduced their ‘groundbreaking’ new 'Net Better Off' model. People have long understood the importance of financial health, physical health, and emotional/mental health in the workplace. The ‘Net Better Off’ model goes further to address fundamental human needs, and it is well worth the reader taking an interest!

This article also provides further insights as to what organisations can do to provide the right environment to create Net Better Off. This article is a must-read for all senior executives looking to build employee engagement and enable value creation through their workforce.

We hope you enjoy reading it and please do get in touch with any comments and suggestions.

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Published: 16 Nov 2020
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