Insights Review by ICG: July 2020

The July 2020 special edition of co-branded publication The Insights Review, produced by Internal Consulting Group, is out now

The July 2020 edition of The Insights Review, produced by the Internal Consulting group (ICG), is out now. ICG is a global network of consultants, with the goal of aiding professionals in their career effectiveness and development.

The Insights Review
 is a collection of abstract reviews of relevant ‘open published’ perspectives and research reports. The abstracts allow you to scan quickly for the most relevant content, and include links to the full articles. 
Article of the MonthJuly's Article of the Month is 'The end of management as we know it' – BCG.

From the abstract

A fascinating insight into the impact of an agile philosophy on management as we know it. Based on a survey of 5,000 employees across five countries, the findings paint a stark picture of managers’ current beliefs – including 63% saying they don’t want to stay in traditional management roles, and only one in ten non-managers saying they aspire to become managers. It is argued that the breaking point has been reached: current managers’ roles are now fixated on reporting and politics and ‘complicatedness’ rather than getting things done. Agile approaches are becoming the game-breaker with their focus on work, mastery, and coaching. However, moving to a true Agile environment comes with a condition: people need to learn the skills that make Agile successful. To do so requires individuals to take responsibility for the establishment of their own career paths and professional development. A must-read for both organisational executives responsible for leading the path to agile, and those individuals wanting to flourish in this environment.

We hope you enjoy reading it and please do get in touch with any comments and suggestions.

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Published: 10 Aug 2020
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