Insights Review by ICG: May 2021

The May 2021 edition of co-branded publication The Insights Review, produced by Internal Consulting Group, is out now

The May 2021 edition of The Insights Review, produced by the Internal Consulting group (ICG), is out now. ICG is a global network of consultants, with the goal of aiding professionals in their career effectiveness and development.

The Insights Review
 is a collection of abstract reviews of relevant ‘open published’ perspectives and research reports. The abstracts allow you to scan quickly for the most relevant content, and include links to the full articles. 
Article of the MonthArticle of the Month for May 2021 is 'Everyone is within learning distance: building skills remotely' – McKinsey

From the abstract

Key McKinsey SMEs examine building skills to succeed for the new remote workplace. The article argues for learning in the new world via practice and application, reinforcement and spacing, intensive and immersive experiences, social learning and collaboration, and motivation and mindsets. In doing so, this will challenge traditional approaches. This suggests that the above learning can only happen successfully when conducted in person, as it is hard to recreate this environment on a virtual basis. The article examines how this perceived barrier can be overcome.

We hope you enjoy reading it and please do get in touch with any comments and suggestions.

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Published: 04 Jun 2021
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