Grey matters ethical dilemma: Nothing to be proud of

Amidst worries that he may not be accepted in his new workplace because of his sexuality, Will has to make a decision regarding what to do about suspicions that his CEO has discriminated against clients in a same sex relationship

grey matters

Will is a recent graduate who has just started work at a small wealth management firm. Will is gay and lives with his boyfriend. They are both out to their family and friends. When Will started at the firm, however, he was intimidated about starting a new job and meeting new people, so hasn’t officially come out at work yet – preferring to talk about his ‘partner’ rather than his boyfriend, and not correcting people when they assume his partner is female.

The CEO, Seth, is the biggest culprit of making this assumption. Will has overheard Seth make comments about LGBTQ+ people which he appeared to think were funny, but in fact bordered on derogatory and rude, if not actually offensive. As a result, Will feels even more intimidated about coming out at work. This is very stressful for him as he has no desire to go ‘back in the closet’; he simply wants to feel comfortable around his new colleagues before divulging personal information. Now, however, he worries that he may never be able to be his true self at work, which he finds upsetting and demotivating.

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Published: 19 Oct 2021
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