Grey matters ethical dilemma: Fighting for the right?

An Extinction Rebellion protest took place outside your work. Your line report, Lorena, a senior investment manager, was featured in the news and interviewed with other protestors outside the building. What would you do?

Grey Matters
The global environmental movement, Extinction Rebellion, has been staging mass global peaceful protests to raise awareness and understanding of the climate crisis. The protests have included public marches, demonstrations, school walkouts, and, since March 2020 – when the movement went indoors because of the Covid-19 pandemic – online rallies over videoconferencing platforms.  

On your morning commute in February, while scrolling through the news on your phone, you were stunned to notice that one of your senior investment directors, Lorena, a direct report, was pictured in the thumbnail of an article about the protest. After clicking on the article, you saw the image, taken over the weekend, of Lorena outside the company building. The article features an interview with her.
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Published: 28 Apr 2020
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