Grey matters ethical dilemma: Finding the will

Ashwin’s long-term client, Erica, has died and left him £5,000 in her will. Her daughters are contesting the will, saying she was vulnerable. What should he do?

Grey matters1920

Ace Investment is a small finance business that provides many financial services for the local community, from everyday banking to asset management. Ashwin, the company’s investment manager, lives locally with his family. He has been at Ace Investment for just over fifteen years and will soon be retiring.

Erica had retired from her full-time job ten years ago and had been keeping herself busy working in the local shop, which she owned. She had been a client of Ashwin’s since he started with the company and over the years, they had developed a strong relationship. Erica had a diverse portfolio with Ace Investment, with many assets, including her home and shop.

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Published: 23 Apr 2021
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