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Read the CISI's verdict on the Grey Matters ethical dilemma that appears in the October 2020 flipbook edition of The Review

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Read the October 2020 dilemma

This Grey Matter, published in the October 2020 edition of The Review, presents a scenario where Dee’s former colleague Gemma is choosing to not self-report a criminal offence to her employer and her professional body. So, what should Dee do next?

Suggested solutions and results

  1. Contact the professional body and anonymously report Gemma. (27%)

  2. Meet for coffee with the HR staff member, an old friend from Invest Plus, and casually mention that you overheard something about Gemma. (2%)

  3. Do nothing. The onus is on Gemma to report any disciplinary offences to her professional body and her employer, and she will have to declare it at some stage. (4%)

  4. Speak with Gemma again and advise her to report the criminal conviction a second time (67%)

Responses received: 345

The CISI verdict

This dilemma focuses on the importance of declaring disciplinary matters to your employer and professional body. As a member of a professional body, it is your responsibility to declare in a timely manner any disciplinary history that may affect your suitability to remain a member. You can find out more information about reporting a disciplinary matter at You can also get in contact with the Professional Standards department at

In this scenario, Dee knows that there is more that Gemma needs to do. While it may be a difficult and uncomfortable conversation, it is important that Dee lets Gemma know that by taking no action, it could result in harsher consequences by her employer or professional body later down the line. 

Our recommended solution is option 4: Speak with Gemma a second time and advise her to report the criminal conviction. Within the financial services sector, we need to be more confident in raising concerns and speaking with peers where we can. Providing guidance and advice to a friend or colleague can go a long way. It could give Gemma the courage that she needs to speak up and declare her conviction to the necessary people.

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This verdict is published in the February 2021 flipbook edition of The Review.

Should you wish to suggest a dilemma or topic to be featured in a future Grey Matter, please contact us at

Published: 08 Feb 2021
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