Anti-Money Laundering
Refreshed June 2024 | CPD time: 2 Hours
With the ever-increasing scale of the money laundering problem, it is not surprising that tackling the issue is high on the international agenda. As a result, combating money laundering continues to be a major challenge for the financial sector in the UK and globally. This module examines anti-money laundering legislation and regulation (focusing on the UK), the role of the money laundering reporting officer, how to report suspected money laundering, terrorist financing, and the sanctions and penalties that can be imposed for money laundering.
1. An Introduction to Money Laundering
2. Global AML Standards
3. UK Legislation and Regulation
4. The Role of the FCA
5. Money Laundering Regulations
6. Proceeds of Crime Act 2002
7. Terrorist Financing and Proliferation Financing
8. Suspicious Activity Reporting
9. Money Laundering Reporting Officer
10. Sanctions
Module Test