Member via Seniority, Experience and Professional Qualifications

As an alternative to the traditional route to Membership, senior practitioners in the securities and investment professions may apply for MCSI status.

The criteria for this is made up of a combination of seniority, experience and relevant professional qualifications. Non-CISI members can also apply to be considered for MCSI status as long as they meet the criteria.

All applications are assessed on a points system and each application is also ratified by the CISI Membership Committee. All matters relating to any application are treated in the strictest confidence.

Candidates applying should submit all of the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Evidence of any relevant qualifications
  • Evidence of membership of other relevant professional bodies/associations
  • Current job description/role profile
  • Current organisation chart
  • Statement of support from sponsors
  • Evidence of senior/middle management position

You are required to provide two sponsors, one of whom should be either an executive director, a non-executive director or partner in the applicant’s firm, or any member holding MCSI or above, or a professionally qualified lawyer or professionally qualified accountant.

  Application for MCSI via experience.

Applications should be sent to


Registration/Assessment fee £120 (non-refundable)
Subscription fee £226 (pro-rata rates apply)

The registration and assessment fee must be enclosed with your registration form. The annual subscription for membership is £226 (pro-rata rates apply) and non-CISI members applying must enclose this fee with their form. Thereafter, the full year’s subscription is due for renewal in April each year. In order to apply, applicants should use the MCSI by Experience application form.

Eligibility criteria

In all cases, applicants should refer to the Notes For Guidance in order to be sure they meet the criteria, and have included all necessary documentation with their application. The points system used to assess the applications can be found in the grid below. Please use this grid as guidance when applying, as the application fee is non-refundable.

  • 11 points or above is normally acceptable and will be formally ratified by the Membership Committee
  • 9-10 points is a borderline case and referred to Membership Committee nominees for decision
  • 8 or less is not acceptable and a letter detailing reasons will be sent once ratified by the Membership Committee

Applications will normally take approximately one month to assess, but can take up to three months.

*Senior management roles refer to the highest level of management within an organisation. An organisation chart and indication of the size of the business will need to be provided to support this.

 Points Awarded
Evidence of Senior Management Role*  5
Evidence of Middle Management Role 1
20 years + relevant professional experience 5
15 years + relevant professional experience  3
Relevant Professional Qualification 2
BSc in Financial Accounting or relevant degree 2
Actively demonstrated presently or in the past support of the
CISI (eg, committee work, speaking at CISI events, exam writer)