• anxiety700

    How to work a room

    Networking can be a stressful experience, so here are four steps that will help ease the experience for you
    by Jake Matthews
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  • Lifelong-learning_700

    Lifelong learning

    When the financial services sector needed to teach its practitioners professionalism and integrity, the CISI stepped up to the plate. That role is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago
    by Melanie Stern
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  • Oliver-Knights_700

    Back Story: Oliver Knights MCSI

    Oliver Knights MCSI, relationship manager, assistant vice president at Credit Suisse UK, received the CISI Private Client Investment Advice & Management (level 6) award at the CISI Annual Award Ceremony 2017. He explains what attracted him to a career in financial services and shares his predictions for the future
    by Rosalie Starling
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  • Secrets from the Navy – five tips for effective leadership

    Effective leadership can improve productivity, support job satisfaction and unite organisations and teams. Andrew St George, author of the Royal Navy way of leadership, explains what leaders in the business world can learn from the military
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  • back storyGS700

    Back story: Georgia Sherman MCSI

    Georgia Sherman MCSI, Channel Marketing Executive at Quilter Cheviot, won the Institute’s top prize after receiving the highest aggregated mark of the year for the Chartered Wealth Manager Qualification (level 7)

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  • manager700

    Seven top tips for managing your manager

    Ensuring a positive working relationship between you and your manager is a win-win situation. The simple tips listed here will help you, your manager and your team
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  • Untitled-3

    The knowledge: Presentation tips

    Effective presentation skills are invaluable in business. Julia Kirkland, Chartered MCSI, Managing Partner at Financial Services Training Partners, gives five handy hints to help you get your message across
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  • mentoring700

    Learning from above

    Six out of ten business leaders in the UK have been mentored, 97% of whom have benefited from the experience. Can your firm afford to miss out? Iona Bain explores further
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  • bullyingsmall

    Bullying in the workplace – why it happens and what to do

    More people than ever are complaining of bullying in the workplace. Iona Bain explores some of the reasons why bullying can occur and gets some expert advice on how to prevent or mitigate it.
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  • interview_small

    Describe yourself in three words…

    Job interviews can be the stuff of nightmares – but only if you’re not properly prepared. Iona Bain, financial journalist and blogger, offers some advice on the perils and pitfalls that can befall you, and suggests some possible solutions
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  • communication_small

    Taking the right tone? How to improve your workplace communication

    Effective communication is a key factor in workplace success – but are we doing it well enough? Iona Bain explores how the way we speak can impact our careers
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  • Good time management: how to make your time work for you in 2015

    There are never enough hours in the day. But with a few techniques, you can make more of the time you do have. Sara Merry, Head of Marketing at the CISI, shares her strategies for effective time management in 2015.
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  • Seven New Year’s career resolutions

    2015 is finally here, so it’s time for some New Year’s career resolutions.  Iona Bain, financial journalist and blogger, offers seven top workplace tips
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  • Five tips to improve your communication

    Christopher Jones-Warner, Chartered FCSI is a communications expert and former wealth manager. Here he outlines five simple ways to improve your communications with colleagues, clients and friends.
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