• awards700

    CISI Awards Ceremony 2018: Recognising excellence

    Our annual awards ceremony and drinks reception, held at Mansion House, London on 9 April 2018, celebrated exceptional achievement amongst CISI students worldwide
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  • stella_700

    Leading the charge

    Stella Cox CBE has dedicated herself to the development of Islamic finance for more than three decades. Her contribution has earned her many accolades, but her entry into the sector wasn’t easy. This is a shortened version of our interview with Stella in the Q4 2017 edition of The Review
    by Eila Madden
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  • 25years_700

    A profession evolves

    After two-and-a-half decades of exciting – and often tumultuous – change, the UK’s financial services sector is a great deal more professional. Anthony Hilton FCSI(Hon) sets the macro scene, while CISI CEO Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI; Sir Alan Yarrow, Chartered FCSI(Hon); Scott Dobbie CBE FCSI(Hon) and Graham Ross Russell FCSI(Hon) consider the CISI’s own development
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  • CISIAwards0297-700

    CISI Awards Ceremony 2017 celebrates star achievers

    Our Awards Ceremony and drinks reception, held at Mansion House, London, celebrates exceptional achievement amongst CISI students worldwide
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  • haldane_700

    Word on the web: Haldane’s mea culpa

    A speech by Bank of England Chief Economist Andy Haldane revealed his concerns about the financial services sector
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  • wotw_retirement_700

    Word on the web: The great retirement robbery

    A new report has revealed that today’s younger workers will likely have to wait until they are 77, or even 85, to retire
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  • mifid_700

    Ask the experts: MiFID II – an update

    With news that the European Commission has delayed implementation of MiFID II to January 2018, citing technical challenges, Dr Anthony Kirby, Director of Regulatory Reform and Risk Management at EY, answers some pressing questions about this clearly complex regulation
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  • davos_700

    Word on the web: Spotlight on Davos

    The World Economic Forum was held this week during particularly strained times for the global economy
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  • blockchain_700

    Ask the experts: Blockchain technology

    With Blockchain technology having recently received the close attention of major financial institutions such as the London Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and UBS, the discussion around disruptive technology is gaining momentum. But how does it actually work, and how is it likely to evolve? Adi Ben-Ari, Founder of Applied Blockchain, which produces applications for the blockchain platform, explains 
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  • back-story_700

    Back story: Stephanie Barnett

    Stephanie Barnett, Chartered MCSI, Training & Competence Manager, Vestra Wealth, talks about her work as a trainer – and why she is on a mission to eradicate the term ‘training and competence’
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  • islamic_700

    Islamic finance: Britain breaks out into a clear lead

    The UK Government’s sovereign sukuk issuance last year was a turning point for Islamic finance, but aligning Shariah-compliant principles with some aspects of Western markets is a complex task 
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  • david-linkedin_700

    Back story: David Hearne

    With the merger of the IFP and the CISI now complete, we talk to Financial Planner, Wealth Manager and long-standing dual member David Hearne, Chartered FCSI, about the IFP’s new home, the financial advice gap and why he left HSBC
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  • target-700

    Ask the experts: Target-date funds

    Target-date funds, also known as age-based funds, are a popular way of saving for retirement in the US and are starting to catch on in the UK. What exactly are they? How do they work? Do they offer better value than traditional pensions? David Hutchins, Lead Portfolio Manager for Target-Date Funds at investment management and research firm AllianceBernstein, answers some common questions
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  • 700px_482307267

    Word on the web: Sound advice

    It’s free for pensioners and easily accessible to the rich, but could a new UK Government review make financial advice available to everyone?
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  • managementsmall

    Management fundamentals: three tips for new managers

    Management – a fabulous opportunity to advance your career, but also a challenging responsibility. What steps can you take to ensure you make it a successful career move?

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  • wotw_july15_700

    Word on the web: No room to run?

    Perpetually low interest rates mean some economies may not be in a position to ward off another financial crisis   
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