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Our October 2021 edition of The Review members' magazine focuses on those in vulnerable circumstances and how our sector can support them
by Jane Playdon, Review editor


The FCA’s definition of vulnerability, as stated in our special report on the topic on pages 16 to 26, “specifies personal circumstances that can make an individual vulnerable, often temporarily”. These circumstances, including health concerns, life events, low financial resilience or reduced capability, are wide-ranging and will impact most of us at some point in our lives, so it is vital that the financial services sector can provide support to clients when needed. Our report includes examples of best practice globally and results from our own research into firms’ capabilities in this area (pp.24–26).

For self-directed investors, there is a range of ‘disruptor’ investment platforms that provide educational material on their sites or apps, but whether this is sufficient to educate inexperienced investors or those in vulnerable circumstances is debatable. Our ‘Game on?’ feature on pages 27 to 32 looks at the incorporation of ‘gamification’ techniques (use of game-style elements), such as loot boxes and animated confetti, on these platforms, their impact on investors and their potential for harm – and good.

Looking more generally at the impact of fintech on some of the most vulnerable in society, our ‘fintech and vulnerability’ feature highlights the rapid growth of many fintech firms, requirements for which are “not always consistent with appropriate care for customers in vulnerable circumstances”, and looks at how technology can provide better support for clients (pp.38–42).

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Other highlights in this edition include a look at the risks and opportunities for the sector in the transition to net zero (pp.33–37); cryptocurrencies’ impact on the financial ecosystem (pp.43–47); an ethical dilemma about homophobic workplace culture (pp.50–51); and our first Regulatory Update written by Robbie Constance, partner at DWF.

As ever, please get in touch with any comments or suggestions.

Jane Playdon

Review editor, CISI

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Published: 28 Oct 2021
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