Looking after your mental wellbeing

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week (18–24 May), we look at how to improve your mental wellbeing at home through breathing techniques, staying active and being kind
by Bethan Rees

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“A mental illness crisis is looming as millions of people worldwide are surrounded by death and disease and forced into isolation, poverty and anxiety by the pandemic of Covid-19, United Nations health experts said,” according to a Reuters article by Kate Kelland. The director of the World Health Organization’s mental health department, Devora Kestel, is quoted in the article. She says: “The isolation, the fear, the uncertainty, the economic turmoil – they all cause or could cause psychological distress.”

In the past three weeks, more than half a million people accessed an online training course that aims to prevent suicide, a BBC article reports. The training course is run by UK-based charity Zero Suicide Alliance and leads users through the skills they might need to help someone who is considering suicide.

It’s clear that supporting mental health issues is a priority at the moment, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. To mark Mental Health Awareness Week (18–24 May), a campaign run by the Mental Health Foundation, we share some tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing while at home. These tips are transferable to life outside of lockdown, too.


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Published: 21 May 2020
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