Financial Crime
Refreshed November 2023 | CPD time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Financial crime is defined as any kind of criminal conduct relating to money or to financial services or markets, including any offence involving fraud or dishonesty or misconduct in, or misuse of information relating to, a financial market or handling the proceeds of crime. This module will focus on insider dealing, market abuse, money laundering, terrorist finance and financial sanctions.
1. What Is Financial Crime?
2. Insider Dealing and Market Abuse Introduction
3. Insider Dealing and Market Abuse Legislation
4. Insider Dealing and Market Abuse Rules
5. Money Laundering Introduction
6. Money Laundering Legislation
7. Money Laundering: Guidance and Other Offences
8. Money Laundering Regulations
9. Money Laundering Reporting Requirements
10. Money Laundering and the Role of the MLRO
11. Financial Sanctions
Module Test