Refreshed September 2023 | CPD time: 45 Minutes
The term ‘robo-advice’ generally refers to the development of web-based systems which provide investment advice or portfolio management to clients without the (direct) involvement of a human adviser. Such a system has a number of attractions, particularly the potential to provide consistent and robust investment services to clients at a significantly lower cost than is otherwise possible. The concept’s detractors, however, state that there are inherent complexities in providing investment advice that fully reflects all of a client’s unique personal needs and circumstances. This module provides an understanding of robo-advice, the definition of advice, and the implications of giving it, the impact of the Financial Advice Market Review, and the way ahead.
1. Introduction
2. The Advice Gap and the Cost of Advice
3. What is Robo-Advice?
4. The Financial Advice Market Review
5. The Implications of Giving Advice
6. The Commercial Landscape
Module Test