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The CISI recognises the demand for qualified and knowledgeable candidates to support Hong Kong's financial services profession and helps individuals and firms to attain and maintain high standards of competence, behaviour and integrity.

Andrella Guzman-Sandejas

Country Head

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    In the news: The samurai effect

    'Samurai’ and 'ninja' loans can be used to help combat debt. What are they, and which countries are they being used in? 
    by Bethan Rees
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    The new normal

    If ultra-low interest rates are now a long-term given, what is the impact on rationale for saving and social mobility?
    by Andrew Davis

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    How to make your workplace more sustainable

    With awareness of climate change and environmental pollution higher than ever, here are some simple steps you can take towards a greener working life

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  • Wanda Goldwag

    Profile: A duty of care

    Wanda Goldwag, the newly appointed chair of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, explains how the panel works and highlights the biggest issues currently facing the sector
    by Bethan Rees 
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