All questions are mandatory unless stated otherwise. Where confirming a statement as correct, please only place a ‘X’ in the box. Please note that incorrectly completed or ineligible forms will be returned to the applicant for resubmission. Statements of Professional Standing are available only to Retail Investment Advisers.

If the application is incomplete or inaccurate, individuals will now be advised by email if their application cannot be processed and will be given five days to provide the missing information/documentation. Regrettably, if this information is not received by the end of the fifth day, the application will be declined.

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Note: In order to obtain an SPS with the CISI you must be at least an Affiliate member. To apply for CISI membership, please submit the appropriate application form found here.

Statement of Professional Standing Information

FCA Specialist Activities

I work within the following specialist area(s):

Details of what activities are covered in each specialist area can be found in the FCA appropriate qualifications tables. (

Please read Evidence required for Qualifications and/or Gap-fill for SPS purposes before you attach certified evidence.

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Please Note: You do not need to attach evidence for CISI qualifications.

CPD Requirements

CPD is a mandatory requirement for advisers but there are exceptions. Please see the CISI guidance at for more Information. If you are applying for a renewal and have opted out of meeting the CPD requirement, please ensure that you have attached a letter from your firm to this application, confirming the dates that you were out of the office on statutory leave.

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CPD Dates

(If your CPD year does not end within 92 days prior to your SPS start date, we will realign your CPD year to a date that best suits.)

FCA Requirements and code of conduct

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Disciplinary History

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Firm Verification

*Larger firms may appoint a firm contact (within compliance, HR or Learning & Development) to process and review SPS applications submitted to CISI for the firm.

Please Note: The information submitted by you within this application form will be sent to the verifier named above at the email address provided


This section must be completed by the adviser for whom an SPS is being applied for. No other persons are permitted to complete this section of the application form.

  • I confirm that this application is a true and accurate reflection of my status and competence. I understand that if I am found to have provided the CISI with a false declaration or false information in relation to any aspect of this SPS application then this may result in the SPS not being issued or subsequently withdrawn.
  • I understand that if issued with an SPS by the CISI, this is subject to passing a CPD audit if selected.
  • I understand that if issued with an SPS, this will remain the property of the CISI and can be withdrawn at any time upon request.
  • I agree to inform the CISI immediately if any information related to this application changes.

Future SPS payment

SPS payment method


Please note there is a £25 administration fee for the alignment of your SPS start date or late SPS renewal applications. The £25 administration fee is waived for any applicant that is applying for a Basic SPS due to statutory leave, Initial applications or for applicants where this option has been waivered by the CISI due to extenuating circumstances.

Payment for

Initial Application Fee

Renewal Application Fee

Payment by Invoice to firm (this section must be completed by your firms finance contact

Payment by Card

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment accepts payment by certain types of payment card – American Express, Delta, Eurocard, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa. If you would prefer to make your payment by card, please complete the information requested below:

Wish to pay by:

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