CISI certifies over 50 agents of new Catalan fintech 11Onze

By Lora Benson | Jul 14, 2021

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), leading international certifier of the financial sector, has examined more than 50 agents from the fintech community 11Onze, which is based in London, is aimed at the Catalan market and will soon offer its financial services to individuals and business. The 50 professionals have received training through the IFA Financial Institute, based in Barcelona, an accredited training partner (ATP) of the CISI. The agents have studied the International Introduction to Securities and Investment qualification, recognized by the National Securities Markets Commission (CNMV, for its acronym in Spanish) to comply with MiFID II, the European directive for markets in financial instruments.

Humanize care

In its first phase of launch, 11Onze has opted for 50 human agents as an alternative to artificial intelligence chatbots and call centers that abound in the financial sector for attention and advice to consumers. The team will provide fintech clients with personalized information and advice on their personal finances to help them make informed and sound decisions; it is equal in gender and balanced in terms of age, and is coordinated by Lara de Castro. The entity has introduced professionals to clients —with whom they share a private social network, La Plaça— through video capsules in which they show their personal and professional profile and their daily life.

Chaired by James Sène and with innovation and proximity as a flag, 11Onze was born thanks to the initiative of nearly 150 founding shareholders and is defined as a digital financial community in which knowledge is shared among equals to achieve financial well-being and advice is given to clients to plan their financial future successfully. The Catalan fintech aims to empower individuals and SMEs by offering them an alternative to big banking, and to build a community by providing them with a platform where they can interact with each other and even do business.

The assessments

The director of the CISI in Spain, Rosa Mateus, has pointed out: “It gives us immense satisfaction to be able to collaborate in the training of professionals from new agents in the sector such as fintech 11Onze, to which we thank the trust. From the Spanish office of the Institute, we hope to be able to certify the knowledge of the teams of many more entities of the new digital financial world: neobanks, challenger banks, fintechs, BaaS... The prestige, rigor and value of the CISI brand are at your fingertips and at your disposal”.

Natàlia Cugueró, general manager of 11Onze, has stated: “The adequate training of our agents, of very diverse profiles, is essential to be able to provide an excellent service to our clients and to advise them on their financial decisions. We have chosen the CISI for the certification of our team because of its character as the leading professional body in the financial services sector, because of its reputation and because of its presence around the world.

”11Onze is a fintech community that will offer financial services to its members shortly. And it does so today through La Plaça, Who constitutes the 11Onze community? Clients, founders, institutions, leaders, workers, and all those who choose to benefit from the services and the exchange of knowledge on finance that takes place in La Plaça by 11Onze”.

For the Spanish version of this press release read 140721SpanishPR11Onze

What is the CISI?

The CISI is the international non-profit professional body for those working in capital markets, wealth management and financial planning, with 45,000 members in more than 100 countries. The Institute is recognized today by 75 regulators globally, with a presence in 111 countries, which makes it the leading international certifier in its sector.

What is 11Onze?

11Onze defines itself as the first Catalan fintech platform at the service of people. The project works on the new financial digital generation designed for people with the latest technologies. Its platform supports the standards of financial services and PSD2 (European directive for payment services). Thus, its clients will be able to obtain a global visualization of their finances by integrating their monetary ecosystem, being able to visualize at multiple levels in an intuitive way through customizable control panels. Its wants its clients to have a global visualization of their positions and thus streamline their decision-making, and also wants each of their interactions with the entity to be memorable, an experience with meaning and that provides the maximum added value through all possible digital channels. For this reason, it wants to offer the public a digital entity that allows it to control and act on its capital at all times.