CISI partners with Kuwait’s leading university to expand financial syllabus ​

By Lora Benson | Jul 17, 2017


Strategic agreement gives GUST students the ability to acquire professional qualification for future financial careers

The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), the professional body that sets global standards for the financial planning, wealth management and capital markets professions has partnered with the Gulf Financial Center (GFC) of the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) to embed CISI certifications into finance degrees. This provides students with access to professional qualifications, which were previously unavailable to them.

GFC will become one of the first academic testing center and training provider for CISI certifications in Kuwait. By including CISI qualifications in the current education programmes, finance students can not only enhance their skills, but also improve their employability prospects following their graduation. The same CISI qualifications are taken around the world, providing an international benchmark for knowledge and skills, and bringing this to students in Kuwait.

The announcement shows there is an increasing demand for professional qualifications in further education in Kuwait, as students are keen to tailor their education to meet practical market requirements and to ensure they are prepared for the workplace.

Dr. Sulaiman Al Abduljader, Director of GFC said, “Our collaboration with CISI is a productive step towards transforming the financial industry in Kuwait. The addition of these high calibre certifications will prove valuable to our future graduates and the local financial community. This will allow our students to utilize the GFC platform for live hands-on applied training in capital markets and money management.”

Enhancing the employability of those looking to work in financial services is an important aspect of CISI’s global remit, and the CISI has shown a dedication to the education sector in the Middle East. The CISI has also recently signed an agreement with the University of Dubai, to provide students access to internationally recognised financial qualifications.

Matthew Cowan, Regional Director of CISI Middle East stated, “We are pleased to have partnered with GFC to bring international qualifications to financial students in Kuwait. Effectively bridging the gap between academia and the workplace, and helping young people realise their potential, these partnerships will play an important role in raising awareness about key issues in the financial sector and how to tackle them.” 

He added, “Our aim is to inspire and equip a new generation of young people to be able to tackle their future career head-on, having received the right education at the right time, to international standards.”