CISI demonstrates that life isn’t always black and white in business at Malaysia integrity and ethics conference

By Lora Benson | Aug 02, 2016


Malaysian students, corporates and regulators had the opportunity to partake in a real-life, ethical dilemma decision making exercise during a workshop at Conference Hall 2, Securities Commission, Tuesday 19 July 2016 in Kuala Lumpur.

The session, which was organised by the Securities Investment Development Corporation (SIDC), was presented by Kevin Moore, Chartered MCSI, Director Global Business Development of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).  Dr Paolo Casadio of HELP University also gave a talk on Integrity and Business.

Mr Moore presented Integrity At Work, the CISI’s innovative, interactive workshop which focuses on the challenges posed by real financial services industry business dilemmas. Using individual voting devices participants were asked to vote on what they believed to be the correct and ethical response to these case studies.

The choices participants made via the voting machines was private but the collected results provided fuel for a lively debate.

The CISI believes that integrity is a key component of professionalism, defined as the combination of knowledge, skills and behaviour.

“Workshop participants were encouraged to uphold honesty, openness, transparency and fairness and to be proud of the values that they represent. Poor actions by a single individual can result in a great cost to firms, both financially and through loss of reputation, while fostering an environment of trust, integrity and professionalism leads to greater confidence, ultimately strengthening a firm’s reputation”, says Mr Moore.

The CISI Integrity At Work session has been presented to over 13,000 professionals around the world, including USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

“Our aim is to emphasise the importance of trust and integrity in global financial services and to help to motivate students to move into the financial services industry”, said Mr Moore.

Mr Salleh Hassan, Director, Professional Development at SIDC said, “As a leading learning and development solutions provider for the capital markets, SIDC recognises integrity as a cornerstone of professionalism that impacts the growth and stability of the industry. We promote the importance of integrity, ethics and corporate governance through our leadership development programmes, consultancy and assessment projects and collaborations with leading voices to raise professional standards. SIDC is honoured to share this platform with CISI and HELP University to connect with the industry’s talents and to add value to their personal growth as financial services professionals.”