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Find out why holders of defined benefit pension plans are making the swap to defined contribution schemes, discover how small stock exchanges are boosting the financial ecosystem, and learn why behavioural finance can help financial planners to decipher client behaviour in the Q3 2017 edition of The Review

The latest issue of The Review will be with you soon. Here’s a taster of what’s included in the Q3 2017 edition. 
A force for goodGuy Jubb, former global head of governance and stewardship at Standard Life, reflects on his years of work in corporate citizenship, and explains why there is still much to be done to improve standards across the industry.
A crucial contributionSmall and medium-sized firms make up the majority of UK businesses. We highlight the role of small stock exchanges in helping to raise growth capital for these enterprises, and why they are such an integral part of the financial ecosystem.
Pensions swap shopNew pension freedoms have made defined contribution schemes increasingly attractive, with the need to hold onto defined benefit (DB) pension plans no longer necessary. We look at when and why holders of DB plans should make the swap.
How EMIR will impact currency hedgingThe increasingly regulated environment has resulted in stricter rules for hedging currency risk in investment portfolios, making things more complicated for fund managers. We explore why investors need to be asking the right questions.
Mind the gapThe online investment platform market is rapidly developing. We look at the options this market offers to investors, and how advisers can get the best out of it for their clients.
Adding alternative assets to client portfoliosWhile alternative assets have traditionally been in the realm of elite investors, more and more people are now able to take advantage. We look at the wider opportunities that are currently available through investing in alternative assets.
Irrational behaviourBehavioural finance research has identified 18 client behaviours that financial planners should be aware of. We present highlights from a research paper by Nick Edwards CFPTM Chartered FCSI on behavioural finance.

The edition contains plenty of thought-provoking opinions, too. Anthony Hilton FCSI(Hon) explains the significance of upholding reputations, while Andrew Davis considers the role employers can play in educating the next generation about saving for the future. 

It also includes 'Change' – a round-up of key regulatory changes in the last quarter, and the latest edition of the CISI’s academic journal, Review of Financial Markets, which contains cutting-edge research.

All members, excluding student members, are eligible to receive the quarterly print edition of the magazine. Members can opt in to receive the print edition by logging in to MyCISI, clicking on My account, then clicking the Communications tab and selecting Yes. 

Once you have read the print edition, keep coming back to the digital edition of The Review, which is updated regularly with news, features and comment about the Institute and the financial services sector.
Published: 14 Aug 2017
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