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Find out how millennials are changing the financial services sector, learn about the impact of major regulatory changes, and discover the potential consequences of a cashless world in this special 25th anniversary edition of The Review

The latest issue of The Review is out now. Here’s a taster of what’s included in our special 25th anniversary issue. 
Future impactMillennials are putting their stamp on the financial services sector, changing perceptions and driving innovation. We ask a number of outstanding young professionals what they think the future financial services landscape will look like.
A pivotal year for plannersThe financial planning profession today is a world apart from what it was 25 years ago. Jacqueline Lockie CFPTM Chartered FCSI looks at how key developments in the sector have driven progress and made financial planning more widely accessible. 
The fixerWe speak to John McFarlane, chairman of Barclays, about how new operational and cultural changes will help to place the bank at the heart of the world’s most competitive global financial sector. He also shares his views on regulation, formality, ethics, and what Brexit will mean for the business.  
A changing landscapeThere have been many forms and styles of regulation over the past 25 years, which have affected the industry to varying degrees. We take a look at what’s happened, and to what extent regulation has contributed to the public good.
The path to enlightenmentDonald Brydon CBE, chairman of the London Stock Exchange Group, reflects on his 48-year career in financial services, and – as we progress through uncertain times – tells us why the industry has a responsibility to society as a whole. 
Lifelong learningThe CISI has taught professionalism and integrity to financial services practitioners since its inception. We look at the Institute’s learning evolution, and how it has adapted to changes and widened its remit to cater for the ever-developing structure of the financial services sector. 
Cashing outWe can’t be sure what the future will hold, but the use of cashless payments is sure to increase exponentially. We explore what a cashless world could mean for the financial services sector. 

The edition contains plenty of thought-provoking opinions, too. Anthony Hilton FCSI(Hon) and CISI CEO Simon Culhane, Chartered FCSI look back at 25 years of financial services, while Andrew Davis considers the downsides of predicting the future. 

It also includes ‘Change’ – a round-up of key regulatory changes in the last quarter, and the latest edition of the CISI’s academic journal, Review of Financial Markets, which contains cutting-edge research.

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Once you have read the print edition, keep coming back to the digital edition, which is updated regularly with news, features and comment about the Institute and the financial services sector.
Published: 26 Apr 2017
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