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Flatlining funds

How advisers can help clients who are caught in zombie and orphan funds.

Goodbye LIBOR, hello SONIA

A look at how the financial markets are transitioning with the phase out of the London interbank offered rate, which is being replaced by the Sterling Overnight Index Average.

The end of the paper trail

With the dematerialisation of share certificates, what does the future of trade settlements look like? 

How to be an effective manager

What makes a good boss, and how do you become one?

Around the world with CFP™ professionals

An exploration into the different challenges faced by CFP professionals internationally.

Special report: Mental health

A two-part report is introduced by Alexander Garrett, who examines the state of mental health in the financial services sector. This is followed by an interview with Nigel Jones, the co-founder of City Mental Health Alliance, which details the poor experience of professionals in the Square Mile and what more should be done.

The July issue includes some interesting viewpoints too. Anthony Hilton FCSI(Hon) reports on why fairness should be higher on the business agenda, and Andrew Davis explains how equity crowdfunding websites are turning start-ups into an investable asset class.

It also includes a regulatory update from Christopher Bond, Chartered MCSI, and the latest edition of the CISI’s academic journal, Review of Financial Markets, which contains new research edited by George Littlejohn MCSI.

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Published: 08 Jul 2019
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