Review of Financial Markets: Q2 2017

The Q2 2017 edition of the RoFM, edited by George Littlejohn MCSI, senior adviser to the CISI, features research and analysis related to wealth management, capital markets and banking

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The Q2 2017 edition of the Review of Financial Markets (RoFM) includes three diverse papers from experts in their field, plus an outline of a new research project by two major universities on continuing professional development.

Daniel Broby, Chartered FCSI, director at the Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation at the University of Strathclyde; and Greg Paul, doctoral researcher at the university, have written a fascinating article about 'Blockchain and its use in financial settlements and transactions' that outlines in plain English how it works and why it can, according to the abstract, "potentially facilitate cheaper, more efficient and secure operations".

Quintin Rayer, Chartered FCSI and Will Dickson, Chartered MCSI, respectively head of research and head of portfolio management at P1 Investment Management, have produced a pieced styled as an essay question, 'Hypothesis: risk, like mass and energy, can neither be created nor destroyed. Discuss'. It looks at "issues surrounding risk in financial products, the forms risk may take, and the difference between perceptions of risk and reality" – abstract.

And Dr Oleg Preksin, vice president of the Association of Russian Banks, writes of 'New horizons on the great Silk Road', a Eurasian "transcontinental transport infrastructure project of breathtaking scale" that "builds on the ancient traditions of the Silk Road" – abstract.

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Published: 15 May 2017
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