Review of Financial Markets: January 2017

The January 2017 edition of the RoFM, edited by senior adviser to the CISI George Littlejohn MCSI, focuses on sustainable investment


In this issue of the Review of Financial Markets (RoFM), we've introduced a news roundup section over the first two pages that provides a snapshot of recent research in, and relating to, wealth management, capital markets and banking.

Sustainable investment is the focus of this edition. For sustainable investment to be successful, it is essential that companies communicate their ethical values clearly. Michael Williamson, an MBA graduate from Cass Business School, analyses some of the issues around communication that need work in the financial services industry.

Quintin Rayer, Chartered FCSI, presents a detailed analysis of the issues around sustainable investing, including a brief history of the topic and an outline of a number of approaches that can be used to help counter assumptions that it simply involves excluding 'sin stocks'. He explores the interplay between ethical investing, risk and competitive advantage, and challenges the assumption that ethical investing must underperform due to the 'price of conscience'.

And Dr Armen Papazian, financial economist, founder and CEO of fintech start-up Finoptek proposes a new principle of value, the 'Space Value of Money', that extends existing financial value equations to "ensure that a dollar invested in space has, at the very least, a dollar's worth of positive impact on space".

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Published: 24 Jan 2017
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