Insights Review by ICG: July 2019

The July 2019 edition of co-branded publication The Insights Review, produced by Internal Consulting Group, is out now

The July edition of The Insights Review, produced by the Internal Consulting group (ICG), is out now. ICG is a global network of consultants, with the goal of aiding professionals in their career effectiveness and development.

The Insights Review
 is a collection of abstract reviews of relevant ‘open published’ perspectives and research reports. The abstracts allow you to scan quickly for the most relevant content, and include links to the full articles. 

Every issue includes an article of the month. For July, there are two. They are: 'Does digital leadership matter?' –  Accenture; and 'Optimize social business value' – BCG. The former is described as having "an unusual edginess to it" with "left-of-centre insights" packed in. The latter is, according to the reviewer, "a wonderfully thoughtful and comprehensive framework-based approach to merging business sustainability and sustainable competitive advantage".

We hope you enjoy reading it and please do get in touch with any comments and suggestions.

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Published: 30 Aug 2019
  • Wealth Management
  • Operations
  • Compliance, Regulation & Risk
  • operational resilience
  • digital leadership
  • digitalisation
  • social business
  • Insights Review
  • ICG

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