Foundation achievements

We partner with some of the most innovative and inspiring organisations both in the UK and internationally to support our aims. See below for the positive impact we are making and the achievements of those organisations.


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Project: Social Media and Video Officer role

The CISI Future Foundation has provided funding to support FT FLIC’s Social Media and Video Officer for one year, to work with a team of social media influencers and financial experts at the Financial Times, to create and produce a total of 35 videos to form discrete pieces of financial literacy learning. These videos will exploit the ever growing popularity of social media as a means to meet target groups of young people, where they consume content and will amplify the voices of social media influencers who, research shows, are trusted sources of information. The 35 videos will provide the very building blocks to enable young people to manage their money and achieve financial security and wellbeing.

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Project: The Money House and Money Works

The funding from the CISI Future Foundation will allow MyBnk to deliver an estimated 70 of each The Money House and Money Works sessions in the UK, and 10 pilot Money Works programmes in Northern Ireland, reaching a total of 1,200 young people approximately. The Money House helps young people in, or about to move into, independent housing manage their money and maintain their tenancy. Participants gain practical, financial and digital skills to help them pay their rent on time, keep up with bills and budget their living costs. They are taught how to make informed choices about their future and teach them how to best manage their money, to prevent homelessness.

Money Works is a financial and digital skills programme for young adults moving into independent living to confront their money worries. Combining digital literacy with money management is a powerful and liberating prospect for those who find themselves waiting on payday or punished by late fees.

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Project: The Parental Engagement Programme

The CISI Future Foundation funding has been allocated to the expansion of National Numeracy’s Parental Engagement Programme. Working in partnership with a cluster of primary schools serving disadvantaged communities, this programme helps parents and carers to become actively involved and engaged in their children’s experience of numeracy, as we know this has a significant and positive impact on their learning.

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Project: Expansion of services

The CISI Future Foundation is dedicated to providing funding to Number Champions which will enable them to expand their services. Number Champions supports children in state primary schools across London in Years 2 and 3 (ages six to eight) who are behind in maths, by providing one-to-one sessions with trained volunteers, to help children acquire confidence, enjoyment, and skills in numeracy.

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Project: WYZ Money course

Open Palm’s mission is to empower young people to succeed regardless of their racial or social background by delivering educational life-skills programmes, improving learning environments and addressing racial inequality.

The CISI Future Foundation is helping to fund the expansion of their WYZ Money Course, which teaches 13-17-year olds how to be wiser with money. The course content includes information about how money works within our economy, in combination with practical skills for their toolkit in order to make good decisions when handling money and, most importantly, to develop a positive money mindset!

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Project: Young People Money Workshops

The CISI Future Foundation is funding the delivery 80 Young People Money Workshops in schools across the UK for young people aged 11-16.

Through these workshops, young people, particularly those who are disadvantaged, will develop confidence, knowledge and skills around managing their money, how to save, plan and budget, financial support services and maintaining financial resilience. Ultimately, these workshops will improve their financial literacy and capability, reducing the risk of experiencing financial difficulties and improving their ability to cope if they do.

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Project: Centre of Excellence

The CISI Future Foundation has allocated funding to support 5 schools spread across the UK to become accredited as Centres of Excellence.

The Centres of Excellence programme recognises and rewards schools that are committing to excellence in financial education within their own setting and beyond. With guidance from a financial education consultant, schools work towards Young Enterprise’s Young Money improvement framework – a set of national professional standards they need to meet. This involves creating engaging and inspiring learning programmes, alongside staff development and training. Young people are at the heart of the programme. The goal is that they leave school with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to make informed and independent financial decisions.

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Project: Balancing Act

The CISI Future Foundation has provided funding to support Junior Achievement Ireland’s ‘Balancing Act’ programme. This is an in-classroom practical financial literacy workshop for secondary schools (ages 15 -17 years old) in Ireland, delivered by business volunteers, which will allow students and teachers to engage with industry experts. The funding will support the expansion of this programme where students will learn to recognise the fundamental elements of smart personal finances and how to apply those elements to meet their lifelong financial needs and desired quality of life.

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