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Mental health is an important factor in maintaining personal and professional wellbeing. Despite the rise in advocacy for mental health resources, the conversation of mental health is often seen as taboo within the financial sector.

Our mental health portal offers resources, information and recommends trustworthy organisations. It is your all-inclusive guide to bettering yourself and your career. We believe a healthy mind works best, helping you along the way to reach your full potential, whatever that may be.

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Looking to make your office more supportive of mental health?
This toolkit offers many resources and methods to consciously incorporate wellbeing in the office.


Mental health awareness

This module will develop your understanding of mental health and wellness in the workplace. It focuses on strategies to maintain wellness and how to practice self care and self compassion.

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Addiction awareness

By taking this module, you will understand various forms of addiction. You will learn how to recognise the signs of addictive behaviour and where to seek help.

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Feature of the month

Interesting articles, news and podcasts in the mental health community selected by the members of the CISI for professionals.



Work Life Balance

Find it hard to manage your personal life and your work life? Here’s a guide on how to balance professionalism and your social life.

Why it's important Exercise Mindfulness Sleep Food Relationships

How to...

How to deal with a busy workload

Deadlines have you feeling overwhelmed? Here’s a quick guide to de-stress and manage your workload.

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How to transform failure into success

Success is often synonymous with self-worth but is not always guaranteed. Failure can affect mental health by changing the perception of ourselves, others and our surroundings. Failure is inevitable but can be used as the cornerstone of success and positive thinking.

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How to cope with stress

Stress is a manifestation of built-up mental or emotional pressure. The key to overcoming stress is to build your resilience towards situations that may trigger a stressful response. Here are resources on stress, anxiety, depression and resilience.

Stress Anxiety Depression Resilience

How to navigate ethical dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas can cause extreme worry and stress in the workplace. Here are some resources on keeping your cool in the face of adversity.

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Successful ways to study while working

Unsurprisingly, students are affected by mental health problems just as frequently as professionals and adults. 82% of students deal with stress and anxiety, often dropping out of their courses if the right support is not found.

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Easy access apps to download

It can be difficult to make time for, or access resources. Hopefully these apps we have found can help you, take care of you.


Mental health and wellbeing affect even the most senior employees.
Here are examples of professionals overcoming their mental health and challenging the stigma against wellbeing.

  • Miles Kean, Executive Director, Coutts

    Miles Kean, Executive Director at Coutts, talks about his own struggles with mental health and shares his advice on how you can cope with mental illness.
    Watch our interview with Miles

  • Dr Stephen Pereira, Consultant Psychiatrist MD, FRCPsych, DPM, MSc, MBBS

    Dr Stephen Pereira is a consultant psychiatrist and CBT specialist, who has practised for 33 years, with over 80,000 consultations. He and his team have looked after those who work in the City for 25 years.
    Watch our interview with Dr Pereira
    Visit Dr Pereira's website

  • Amy M Bender MS PhD

    Dr Amy M. Bender is currently a Senior Research Scientist at Calgary Counselling Centre. Previously she was the Clinical Program Director of Athlete Services at Centre for Sleep and Human Performance and also an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at University of Calgary.
    Connect with Amy on LinkedIn

  • Daniel Thomas Hind

    Daniel Thomas Hind believes entrepreneurs need to become leaders, not hustlers. He's helping them do it by prioritizing health and self-mastery.
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Why Mental Health Matters

Wellbeing in the workplace is a necessity as research shows how much of a negative impact this can have on business.


There were 526,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/2017 in Great Britain

1 in 6

1 in 6 workers will experience depression, anxiety or problems relating to stress at one time


Every year it costs business £1300 per employee whose mental health needs are unsupported

Therefore, the CISI aims to support professionals beyond their qualifications, your mental health is paramount to your success with us.

Organisations and Managers

Information for Organisations

Mental health First Aid Courses at Mental Health First Aid England
Mind - Open and supportive workplaces benefit everyone – employees, employers and the bottom line.
Better Mental Health: JSNA toolkit - A toolkit for organizations to implement mindfulness into the workplace
Time to change - Free resources to help challenge mental health stigma and discrimination where you are.
Mental health toolkit for employers - Mental health is an integral part of how we feel about our jobs, how well we perform and how well we interact with colleagues, customers and clients.
CII Implementing the thriving at work standards - Mental wellbeing is a vital component of diversity and inclusion as we strive to achieve the trust of our consumers.
Workplace mental health - Browse our topic pages to gain insight into key areas at the intersection of mental health and the workplace and identify ways you can advance mental health at your company.
City Mental Health Alliance - Everyone has mental health in the same way as everyone has physical health. The focus is therefore on supporting all City workers to achieve our full potential, for ourselves, our families, our communities and the businesses for whom we work, throughout our working lives.
Citywire - A publisher which has pioneered positive mental health in the financial services sector.

Information for Managers

MindForward Alliance is a global membership organisation which works with businesses to drive improvements in the way they support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees. They have published a Framework for Thriving at Work which is available for UK or Global audiences as well as a strategy guide to Putting the wellbeing of employees into the S of your ESG. How to tackle mental health in the workplace as a manager and colleague - An article from University College London on tackling mental health which underlines the need for workplaces to create environments where employees feel comfortable reaching out for support.
Mental health is the City's last great taboo - Following a Citywire interview in which he revealed his own struggle with mental health, Quilter chief executive Paul Feeney has issued a call to arms to all financial services firms.
How to create a workplace that supports mental health - Even though mental health can often be a taboo topic, especially in the workplace, it appears that employees want their employer to champion mental health and well-being.
10 things employers should know about mental health - Often the most critical missing piece of the workplace mental health puzzle is education, for both employees and employers.
Awareness training
Things employers and employees should know about mental health at work - Often the most critical missing piece of the workplace mental health puzzle is education, for both employees and employers.
How to accommodate employees with mental illness - Mental illness leads to more lost workdays than arthritis and back pain—so why are employers reluctant to make similar workplace accommodations for it?


The CISI mental health portal is an archive for resources and information related to wellbeing in the workplace. The information on this website is a collective from professionals and organisations specializing in helping others. This portal is designed for CISI members and others in the financial services sector in order to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and to signpost to further resources. It is not intended to be and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional mental health advice.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Mental Health Foundation, the City Mental Health Alliance, Citywire, Mind, Samaritans, Mental Health First Aid England, Public Health England, Student Minds, and The Lord Mayors Appeal for the use of their research and resources. We do not own any of the material from these organisations but admire their reputation and presence in the mental health community.

For more corporate support in the workplace, view the Mental Health First Aid programme is available through the MHFA England.