Stock exchange game pays dividends for students

A stock exchange game with a difference is helping school students who are studying CISI qualifications to understand how markets work


The CISI worked with Z/Yen Group, a commercial think-tank based in London, to create CISI Exchange.

Matthew Bolton, CISI Teaching and Learning Specialist, said: “CISI Exchange is a bespoke version of Z/Yen’s existing ExtZy stock market game, offering players the chance to build up and manage a portfolio of shares. But instead of buying and selling company stocks, players buy and sell shares in countries, Premier League football clubs and a selection of up and coming music artists with each entity represented by an underlying website.”

Dividends on the shares are calculated via unique visitor statistics for each site. The higher the number of unique web hits, the higher the dividends paid out on an entity’s shares. 

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Published: 10 Mar 2015
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