Secrets to success

Top tips from sector professionals on where to start and how to get ahead early in your career
by Lauren Johnson, CISI copywriter

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When it comes to progressing our careers, we can be self-centred in our approach. We think about what additional responsibility we can take on, how many more hours we should work or what other projects we should lead on. We may think this is the best way to get promoted, but one professional turns this idea on its head. Jane Fuller FCSI(Hon), co-director of the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) says “Focus on the customers, not on your own career”.

Jane is one of the many inspirational figures in the financial services sector who we’ve had the pleasure of speaking to over the past few years. We usually ask our interviewees to pass on any top tips they may have learned for the benefit of younger members, or those looking to change or advance their careers. Here we’ve collated a few. 


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Published: 13 Apr 2023
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