Review of Financial Markets: Q2 2018

Opportunity, and its travelling companion uncertainty, abound in the Q2 2018 edition of RoFM, edited by George Littlejohn MCSI, senior adviser to the CISI

The Q2 2018 edition of the Review of Financial Markets (RoFM) brings you crime, in the form of unexplained wealth; the future of banking; the investment opportunities in sustainability; the concomitant swing towards ‘green finance’; and the rewards of virtue – the growing evidence that ‘good’ businesses perform better as investments than ‘bad’ ones.

Big data and ESG investing
Ciaran McCale, head of media and communication, Arabesque, provides a taster of his talk on CISI TV, about the capabilities of S-Ray technology, which "captures vast amounts of sustainability information that now exists on companies, and makes it relevant and understandable to investors".

Present and future principles of banking: business model and customer service
Moorad Choudhry FCSI, visiting professor, University of Kent, and previous editor of RoFM, presents some recommendations on what good banking should look like.

Sustainability and investment opportunities
Stella Cox CBE, managing director DDCap Group and head of the CityUK Islamic Finance Advisory Group, was one of the leaders of this project and writes with authority on pages 8–9 on creating financial systems that are more responsive to the real economy.

Green finance – the pendulum swings
Z/Yen, the team led by Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, Chartered FCSI which delivers the Global Financial Centres Index, has turned its attention to global green finance for its latest index. This series will chart the progress of the world’s financial centres towards a financial system that delivers sustainable development, and values people and the planet as much as profit. Mike Wardle, who ran the project at Z/Yen, explains the background. For further information, see a special interview with Mike Wardle on CISI TV. 

The rewards of virtue
John McKinley, a director at BlackRock and one of the founders of the firm’s Sustainable Investing team, spoke to a packed audience of CISI members, many of them high-flyers from major houses, in mid-April. His full talk is available now on CISI TV, but his key points are summed up in BlackRock’s belief that “companies that effectively manage ESG – environment, social, and governance – risks and opportunities perform better over time. 

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Published: 22 Jun 2018
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