Review of Financial Markets: July 2019

In this issue of Review of Financial Markets (RoFM), our main paper focuses on how science, business and finance are coming together to achieve cheaper renewable energy and higher, more consistent yields
Edited by George Littlejohn MCSI, senior adviser to the CISI

Solar energy into the 2020s
Solar power, in the right regions, can be an answer to two urgent prayers – for cheaper, renewable energy, and for higher, more consistent yields. Our main paper in this Review of Financial Markets focuses on how science, business and finance are coming together to achieve those desirable objectives. 

The drive to promote green energy, together with falling solar technology costs and maturing practices, is attracting long-term investors, hungry for yield, into the green energy sector. Islamic finance has a special role alongside conventional financing, new research finds. 

Managing clients' perceptions of risk and regret
In his paper in the Q3 2018 edition of Review of Financial Markets, Keith Robertson, Chartered FCSI, stirred a few hornets’ nests with a poke at some of the received wisdoms of ‘behavioural finance’, and some of the realities behind them. Here he continues the theme with his own scathing take on the issues of framing, regret – and bar charts.

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Published: 15 Jul 2019
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