Review of Financial Markets: February 2021

The February 2021 issue of Review of Financial Markets features leading-edge thinking on the theme of ethical finance policies and ESG principles
Edited by George Littlejohn MCSI, senior adviser to the CISI


Leapfrogging sustainability – the changing global environment

Professor Alexander Van de Putte, a great guru on ‘sustainable foresight’ – which he teaches at  IE Business School in Madrid, one of the world’s very top-ranking schools – introduces his own fascinating and radical ideas on breakthroughs in his new book Leapfrogging sustainability (available free to CISI members), from which this paper is adapted, as is the next. 

From linear to circular economies: the end of the 'take-make-waste' system

One of Alexander's co-authors, professor Steve Evans of Cambridge University, describes the coming revolution in production processes and economics.

Leapfrogging Sustainability bibliography
Building the right board to respond to the climate challenge

Another team from Cambridge, from the university’s Institute for Sustainability  Leadership, then analyses how financial boards should change their ways to address the  climate challenge.

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The astonishing rise of green crimeAva Tambala, a brainy British school-leaver who recently interned at Refinitiv, paints a startling picture of the huge world of green crime.

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Published: 26 Feb 2021
  • Risk
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