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The July 2016 edition of the Investment Management Review is out now, providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of the latest key global developments across the asset management industry

Written and edited by Dr Arjuna Sittampalam, Chartered MCSI, Founder and Managing Director of Sage & Hermes, the quarterly magazine features reviews and critical analysis of information and articles drawn from leading worldwide sources and contributions from industry experts.

The July edition's lead story is about the increasing threat of robo-advice as more top financial players race to provide it. Other highlights include two related articles and an editorial on closet indexing – the problem of defining it and regulating it; and an analysis of the consequences of one institution’s successful suing of the US Government over ‘too big to fail’.

Highlights from the edition

Cover story: Robo-adviser danger to wealth managers draws closer

Robo-advisers, previously seen as just an incipient long-term threat to wealth managers, are now becoming a more imminent menace. The big change is that many top financial players are now joining the game.

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Published: 20 Jul 2016
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