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The July 2015 edition of the Investment Management Review is out now, providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of latest key global developments across the asset management industry


Written and edited by Dr Arjuna Sittampalam, Chartered MCSI, Founder and Managing Director of Sage & Hermes, the quarterly magazine features reviews and critical analysis of information and articles drawn from leading worldwide sources and contributions from industry experts.

The July edition includes discussion about the liquidity problem in the corporate bond market, the UK stewardship code, globalisation trends and their impact on asset management, and a thought-provoking article called 'Females better at fund management? – the evidence', that analyses recent research which shows that female fund managers have outperformed their male counterparts over a period of years.

Highlights from the edition

Regulators fear bond market panic

The editorial and three articles discuss the focus on fund management as primary threat:

Potential global crisis from bond market mayhem

Fund managers' threat to financial stability

Bond trading has to adapt radically

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UK stewardship code condemned for ineffectiveness

The UK Stewardship Code, much beloved of the Government and regulators as a mechanism for ensuring shareholder engagement, is attacked for ineffectiveness. After five years of operation, it has offered very little evidence of having delivered any basic improvement in investor stewardship, according to senior industry figures.

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Negative globalisation trend bad for asset managers

Three articles examine the chances of long-term continuance:

Measures of globalisation deteriorating

Globalisation predicted to reverse – bad for fund managers?

Countervailing arguments for globalisation – good for fund managers?

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Published: 02 Jul 2015
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