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The April 2016 edition of the Investment Management Review is out now, providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of the latest key global developments across the asset management industry

Written and edited by Dr Arjuna Sittampalam, Chartered MCSI, Founder and Managing Director of Sage & Hermes, the quarterly magazine features reviews and critical analysis of information and articles drawn from leading worldwide sources and contributions from industry experts.

The April edition includes three related articles on a potential radical change in asset management over the next decade; an update on progress of the financial transaction tax; and an analysis of whether shareholders should be considered to be the owners of companies.

Highlights from the edition

Shareholders wrongly believed to be the owners of companies

The generally accepted concept that shareholders should control companies and the idea of shareholder value are both undermined by eminent legal authorities asserting that the shareholders do not actually own companies.

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A step closer for the financial transaction tax

A breakthrough in December by European finance ministers who support the financial transaction tax increases the likelihood of its implementation by June this year. Capital market players would be wise to prepare for it, though major obstacles remain.

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Published: 27 Apr 2016
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