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The CISI is encouraging CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNINGTM professionals and firms to get involved in Financial Planning Week, running from 8 to 12 May

Financial planning firm? Register your interest in Financial Planning Week 2017Financial Planning Week (FPW) aims to highlight the importance of financial planning and encourage consumers to take control of their finances by identifying goals and planning how to achieve them. Over 55 firms have already signed up to provide free, one-hour consultations, worth up to £500, throughout the UK, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The surgeries will help to provide answers to vital questions, such as ‘am I saving enough for the future?’; ‘how can I be debt free by age ‘x’?’; ‘how will the cost of care impact my wealth in future?’ and many more.

“Financial planning is a relationship-based process, which aims to help everyone, no matter what their age or financial circumstances. It allows those with money to plan their spending and saving wisely, but also those without, to work with a qualified CFPTM or CISI professional who can support them in reaching their financial goals. Financial planners do not just work with wealthy individuals,” said Jacqueline Lockie, deputy head of financial planning at the CISI.

Financial planning differs to 'financial advice', ie,  financial planning helps people to organise their money to achieve specific life goals, whereas financial advice focuses more on financial services products.

Accredited financial planningTM firms and others across the UK will be:
Media coverage

The week receives the support of the financial planning industry media which, alongside financial planning firms, will highlight consumer themes and money management issues. For examples of previous media coverage achieved, please see the articles from :

CFPTM professionals talk about their involvement in FPW in 2016

The CISI hosted Financial Planning Week for the first time in 2016, with over 50 firms signing up to offer free consultation surgeries, providing access to financial planning experts in person, via Skype or over the phone.

Ed Green CFP™ Chartered MCSI, director at Close Brothers, said that they had eight meetings over the week, and potentially gained two clients. “It was definitely an improvement on previous years,” he said.

Ruth Sturkey CFP™ Chartered MCSI, director at The Red House Consulting, said: “We, as a firm, thoroughly enjoyed being involved in FPW. The demand was high, unfortunately too high for us to see everyone. We met and spoke to a range of people, the most rewarding being younger people or people of lesser means. It allowed us to sharpen our tools to communicate the important financial planning basics to people who might not normally have access to advice.”

Duncan Hannay-Robertson CFP™ Chartered MCSI at Hannay Robertson Financial Planning, said: “I find it astounding how few people have a plan, including many financial advisers. Be it as simple as a retirement income plan, or as ambitious as a comprehensive financial and estate plan, we cannot relate to each other successfully without one. A portfolio is never an end itself; it is a means to the ends of a plan. Helping people clarify their financial goals; what, by when, how much; is immensely rewarding. It is all about them.

“Whether they become a client or not, matters little, because they will become your greatest advocates, plus they will be in a much better place than they were prior to meeting you.” 

And in 2017

Ian Painter FCSI CFPTM of Affinity Integrated Wealth Management, Kent said: “We are here to support people with the big questions in life, eg, when can I afford to retire? Most of us don’t take time to think about these or even know where to begin. Issues such as making sure family are OK, that you can afford to do the things you want to and protect what you have.”

Duncan Hannay Robertson CFPTM will be involved again this year. He said: “It doesn’t take much to get financially organised. We owe it to ourselves and our families to try to understand our finances. Even if you’ve gone off-track, a financial planner can help take the weight off your shoulders and save you from those money management worries we all experience at varying points in our lives.”

Martin Bamford CFPTM Managing Director at Informed Choice in Cranleigh, Surrey said: “We are pleased to help support FPW again this year. The best way to share the benefits of financial planning is to talk about the work we are doing with clients on a daily basis, changing lives and helping achieve long-held goals. Throughout the week commencing 8 May we’ll be writing, podcasting and making videos about various aspects of financial planning, which we hope will be shared with a wide audience and encourage readers, listeners and viewers to take positive action.”

Joanna Hague, CFPTM, Chartered MCSI, paraplanner and Chartered Financial Planner at Investment For Life in Doncaster said: “Working on your finances is complex. There are so many different options for what to do with money that many people can feel overwhelmed with the choice, not to mention all the technical details that go along with making decisions. Financial Planning is different. We take a step back and ask our clients ‘What is it you want to achieve?’ We help you take a path that makes your money work for you, no matter what your objectives are.”

Firms involved so far

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Further information
If your financial planning firm would like to get involved in Financial Planning Week 2017. Please let us know by registering your interest and we'll contact you with more information. Find out how your firm can support the campaign. Have a query? Email us at

Published: 21 Apr 2017
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