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Financial planner and hospital radio presenter Francis Klonowski CFPTM Chartered FCSI has been helping listeners relax for almost 40 years
by Lora Benson

Francis Klonowski CFPTM Chartered FCSI had over 40 years of a portfolio career before the term became fashionable. Running parallel to a career that began in the priesthood, detoured to the hospitality sector and culminated at Klonowski & Co financial planning, was his lifelong ambition to work in radio or journalism – a goal he achieved via his hobby as a hospital radio presenter at Radio Allerton, at Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds.

“I left school in Sheffield at the age of 11 to attend a Catholic seminary with the intention of becoming a priest, but left around two years before what would have been my ordination. I had already begun my theology degree at Durham University, from which I graduated in 1975, but my interests lay elsewhere. I wanted to go into radio journalism or presenting but couldn’t find a way into it, and eventually decided to stay in catering (a sector I’d worked in during university holidays), moving to Leeds in 1978 to work for a well-known local firm. In 1989 I abandoned all that for a complete career change to financial services, and eventually started my financial planning firm there in 1996.”
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Published: 09 Sep 2018
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