How to find a new job in 2023

Make the most of your job search as the new year begins
by Fred Heritage

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The start of a new year is a great time to search for a new job. Now that 2023 is upon us, it’s time to dust off your CV, start networking and get going with your new job hunt.

There are many ways to begin your new job search. But before starting, it’s important to think long and hard about what you want your next move to be. Spending time talking with friends, family and co-workers can be a good way to start formulating your ideas and identifying new opportunities.

Once you’ve homed in on what you want from your new job, it’s time to take action. Finding and securing a new position takes time and energy, so it’s important to create a structured, well thought out plan including actions you can take every day to achieve your goal. Here are four sure-fire ways to obtain your fulfilling new job in 2023.

Refresh your LinkedIn profile

In a Forbes article, writer Jack Kelly emphasises why LinkedIn is such an important networking tool that can help professionals in most industries get noticed. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, set up an account now and create one. If you have one already, it’s time to update your profile and recent career history, outlining your greatest achievements and previous career highlights. Your profile, “should reflect your most current job and go back about ten years,” writes Kelly, adding that your most recent role should take up the most “real estate”, as that’s what recruiters and hiring managers will be most interested in. Any university degrees, accreditations, certificates and licenses required in your field will also make a big impact.  

Grow your professional network

Building and maintaining relationships with influential people in your industry is a great way to discover new opportunities and maximise your chances of finding a great new job. According to an article on careers site Together SC, it’s important to network with industry leaders in an appropriate and mindful way. “Go about this process slowly and establish a professional relationship”, the article says. “Attend industry events and make connections with influential people.” Online platforms, including LinkedIn, can also be a good way to connect with thought leaders and people you admire in your industry. “Connect with them, follow and watch their posts, and see who is also responding in the comments to help build your network of superstars in your field,” the article says.

Work with recruiters

Having smart, experienced, and well-connected recruiters from your chosen field working on your behalf can make a big difference when searching for a new job that you’ll love. Top professional recruiters will have strong relationships with hiring managers at the best companies, and they’ll often be told when new and exciting positions first become available, before they’re advertised publicly on job sites or LinkedIn. In a blog post, talent solutions expert Robert Half writes that recruiters can open doors for you professionally that might otherwise remain closed. “Having a top-notch job recruiter in your corner is like having your own personal advocate, someone who can help you find the ideal role, prepare for the interview and negotiate the salary,” the blog says.

Practice your ‘elevator pitch’

In his Forbes article, Kelly writes that an elevator pitch is “like a commercial on television”. Essentially, it’s a short and sharp pitch about yourself, highlighting the importance of your current role and responsibilities, a handful of your biggest achievements, and why you’d make a great fit for the new job that you’re going for. Elevator pitches can be a great way to get noticed by hiring managers at companies you’re interested in, and to start off an interview once you’ve secured one. “Visualize yourself on an elevator ride with an executive at a company you’d like to work for”, writes Kelly. “You need to seize the opportunity and quickly sell yourself before they exit the elevator to their floor.”

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Published: 09 Jan 2023
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