How to be a truly authentic, international, virtual leader

Previewing a CISI webinar hosted by David Taylor, founder of Naked Leader, taking place on 7 August 2020


David Taylor, founder of Naked Leader
The Covid-19 crisis has dramatically changed the way we work, and it is unlikely the world will return to 'normal' anytime soon, if ever. Businesses have had to move quickly to staff working from home, and employees have had to recalibrate to get used to online video meetings and working while also caring for families.

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It's clear that, more than ever, strong, effective leadership is needed. David Taylor, founder of Naked Leader, has been advising organisations and their employees for over 20 years on how they can become more successful, and will be sharing his insights on leadership in a CISI webinar on 7 August at 10am (BST).

"We want people and organisations to realise that they already have within themselves everything they need to achieve whatever they want," says David. "We want to help people fulfil the promise of their first few seconds, to ensure no regrets in their last." Naked Leader counts companies such as the University of Cambridge Press, the BMA, the Ministry of Defence and Sony among its clients. Through coaching and programmes, it helps these organisations and those working for them to achieve more.
"Authentic leaders take the blame for everything and praise for nothing"

"Leadership is not a position, it's a behaviour," David says. But what makes an authentic leader? They always put those they lead first, always keep their word, are totally indispensable to their company, and take the blame for everything and praise for nothing – in public – explains David. By ensuring these traits are adopted by everyone in an organisation, businesses will find their achievements go from strength to strength. "Everyone has value," he adds. "By finding the unique strengths, passion and genius in each different person and ensuring they get to use them, you can transform differences into an unstoppable force."

Leadership has had to adapt to the new virtual ways of working, which can pose challenges. With a work/life balance harder to maintain for some, and with people more isolated as they no longer go into offices, wellbeing is now the key leadership issue, he says. Resilience is also essential, as is adapting to the new ways of communicating now that face-to-face interaction is less common. People tend to be more open online – while this can encourage greater transparency, it's also important to establish boundaries.

In the webinar, David will share the wisdom he has built up over a career helping top-tier companies to achieve at the highest level. He'll advise how to lead people in the way they want to be led and how to ensure people actively choose to do what you want them to do. Most importantly, he will share his advice on "the acid test of leadership: how to be calm, centred and confident – no matter what is going on around you".

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Published: 08 Jul 2020
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