Five top tips for professional development

Professional development is essential for those aiming to get ahead. Follow five simple steps to make sure you stay on top of your CPD

1. Plan ahead
Conduct an annual skills audit for yourself. Think about the areas where you have identified gaps in your knowledge and consider whether new legislation, rules, product developments and other changes have affected the area in which you operate.

2. Set your training goals
Work out a training regime to meet the requirements of your annual audit, but remember to allow time to cover unexpected developments during the year.

3. Use all available resources
Technology makes it easier to fit training into your schedule, through webcasts and computer-based training. Take advantage of the resources available from accrediting bodies like CISI. Be creative; watching a well-informed broadcast on the impact of Islamic insurgency in the Middle East can be a very useful way of updating yourself on how to assess market risk.

4. Spread out your training over the year
CPD training should be properly structured over 12 months. Remember the analogy of the footballer who trains every day to stay at the top of their game.

5. Work with others
Your company may have 400 investment managers whose basic CPD requirements will be similar, so organising company-wide courses may be an efficient use of resources. This will need to be topped up with more personally tailored training.
Published: 19 Jan 2015
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