Five tips to improve your communication

Christopher Jones-Warner, Chartered FCSI is a communications expert and former wealth manager. Here he outlines five simple ways to improve your communications with colleagues, clients and friends.

The ability to communicate effectively is essential for those aiming to be successful, both in careers and relationships. The below tips are simple ways everyone can improve their communications, whether in the workplace or in their personal lives.

  1. Make good eye contact: This is a simple and powerful way to establish trust and rapport and to signal recognition of worth. When meeting someone during the day, or for the first time, good eye contact is a way to develop a connection. How? Make eye contact untile the moment of cognition or, if addressing an audience, for the duration of the point you are making.
  2. “Hello” focused on them: It is customary to offer the briefest of “hellos” in the morning or when meeting. This betrays to another at a subliminal level, that connection with them is not the most important item on your agenda.
  3. Shake hands warmly: With your hand upright, neither bone crushing nor wet fish, yet firm, making eye contact until the moment of cognition.
  4. Touch only when you give: Touching when you give signals recognition of value and worth and creates relatedness. Touching when you take = your attention on you.
  5. Listen actively: Assume that how you listen to someone will determine how they listen to you and what they say to you. How you listen to a fellow member of your team can generate trust and empower them to create new ideas.

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Published: 19 Jun 2014
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