Financial Planning Gala Awards 2016

The CISI’s Financial Planning Gala Awards were held on Tuesday 4 October as part of the Financial Planning Conference at the Celtic Manor Resort in Wales. Attendees donated more than £3,700 to the charity Enough Abuse UK. Congratulations to all the winners!

David Gow, Director, Acumen Financial Planning; Charlotte Hawkins, presenter of Good Morning Britain; Sandy Robertson CFPTM Chartered FCSI, Managing Director of Acumen Financial Planning; CISI Board member Rebecca Taylor CFPTM Chartered FCSI, Managing Director, Aurea Financial Planning; CISI Head of Financial Planning Campbell Edgar CFPTM Chartered FCSI
The awards were held in recognition of the outstanding achievement of individuals and firms across the UK financial planning profession. They were the highlight of the second day of the annual Financial Planning Conference, which was hosted for the first time this year by the CISI, following last year’s merger with the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP).

Charlotte Hawkins, presenter of Good Morning Britain, was the host for the evening, which began with a speech from the CISI’s Head of Financial Planning, Campbell Edgar CFPTM Chartered FCSI.

A total of eight awards were handed out, one of which was unprecedented: the Lifetime Achievement Award, handed to Paul Etheridge MBE CFPTM Chartered FCSI by outgoing IFP Forum Chairman Alan Dick CFPTM Chartered MCSI.

The awards and winners
Lifetime Achievement Award: Paul Etheridge MBE CFPTM Chartered FCSI

Introducing the first award, Campbell said: "It is a departure from the norm. It’s a one-off. Yesterday, Alan Dick, as the outgoing IFP Forum Chairman, handed over to Ian Howe CFPTM Chartered MCSI the medal of office [for that role]. The original medal of office for the IFP was held by Paul Etheridge, the founder of the IFP. We thought it would be a fitting tribute if Alan were to return that badge to Paul. As the founding father of the IFP, we believe it is a fitting ‘lifetime achievement award’.”

Alan explained that the medal had initially been donated to the IFP by Paul, with the inscription: “Presented to the Institute by Paul Etheridge.” Alan said: “I don’t think there’s anyone in this room who has not been impacted by Paul and his commitment to financial planning and to helping all of us improve through our careers.”

Paul received his award to a standing ovation. He spoke of the “superb future” of financial planning. “We are stronger now than we have ever been,” he said. “I think with our new partnership it will go really well.”

Recognising Excellence – Accredited Financial Planning Firm
TM of the Year: Acumen Financial Planning

The award (main picture) recognises the firm which has made the strongest impact on the financial planning profession over the last 12 months.

Paraplanner of the Year: Jenny Ryan, Paraplanner at Baigrie Davies
Jenny was not in attendance to receive her award, so the new IFP Forum Chairman Ian Howe CFPᵀᴹ Chartered MCSI collected it on her behalf.

The award takes account of the very broad range of skill levels and abilities paraplanners have, and ensures that all entrants have a good chance of success whatever their level of experience or knowledge.

The Tony Sellon Memorial Prize ‘Good Egg’ Award:
Jane Wheeler, Chartered FCSI

Tony Sellon was a founder member and previous president of the IFP. He is remembered for being a real ‘good egg’. Jane is a consultant who previously served on the board and as president of the IFP. She provided valuable support during last year’s CISI/IFP merger.

Financial Planning Student of the Year: Antolijs Babanovs

Awarded to the highest scorer of the CFPTM certification case study as part of their Financial Services, Planning and Management degree with Manchester Metropolitan University. Antolijs was nominated by a senior lecturer at the university, Oliver Princep.

Jonathon Timms Memorial Award:
James Lee CFPTM Chartered MCSI

This prize is awarded to the candidate who has produced the best financial plan to meet the CFPTM certification standards.

James passed the financial plan component of the level 6 Diploma in Financial Planning at first submission, an achievement of which CISI’s Head of Qualifications Management, Christina Curtin, said: “Though extremely rare, it goes to show that it can be done. James is the only candidate to do that since the merger and this is a real achievement for him."

The CISI’s Deputy Head of Financial Planning, Jacqueline Lockie CFPTM Chartered FCSI, said: “We congratulate all our winners as these awards are a testament to their professionalism and overall dedication to putting the client at the centre of their businesses.”

Two further awards were handed out, which were both won by Winton: The Most Educational Stand Award; and the most Innovative and Creative Exhibition Stand. The winning stand featured an interactive quiz that gave delegates 60 seconds to answer as many questions as they could. It also featured free copies of a book written by Chief Scientific Adviser to Winton, Professor David Hand OBE, on the subject of improbabilities: The improbability principle: why coincidences, miracles, and rare events happen every day a useful supplement to the professor’s session on that topic on the first day of the conference.

The judging panel consisted of: CISI Head of Financial Planning, Campbell Edgar CFPTM Chartered FCSI; CISI Deputy Head of Financial Planning, Jacqueline Lockie CFPTM Chartered FCSI; Chairman of the CISI’s Financial Planning Editorial Panel, Janet Walford OBE; CISI Board member Rebecca Taylor CFPTM Chartered FCSI, Managing Director of Aurea Financial Planning.

Published: 07 Oct 2016
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